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The prices of a Spirit Stone Sculpture are constructed of the material, the working hours and any addition of a crystal.
See under the button For Sale, for the images and their price.

A Personal Spirit Stone is on average in height 15-20 cm ex pedestal is priced at Eur 350, -



Animalportrait, ink + color                    9x6, framed 13x18 incl. passe-partout.      Eur 45,- 


Animalportrait, pastel/aquarel        13x13, framed 23x23 incl. passe-partout.      Eur 50,- 


Animalportrait, pastel/aquarel        13x18, framed 21x30 incl. passe-partout.      Eur 65,-


Animalportrait, pastel/aquarel        21x30, framed 30x40 incl. passe-partout.      Eur 80,-

Animalportrait, pastel/aquarel        23x30, framed 40x50 incl passe-partout.       Eur 100,-

For other framesizes, multiple animals portaited in one painting or other questions, please contact us!

The finest and most beautiful result can be achieved with one or several good sharp photos of your (domestic) animal,

preferably taken at eye level of the animal.
It is important that the eyes are clearly visible, this makes whether the drawing is realistic and successful.
Remember, they say that the eyes are the portal to the soul!

When the drawing is finished, it can be collected here in the studio in Muiderberg. Shipping is also possible, but at your own risk and the shipping costs are for the client.

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