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Who or what are Angels ?

Come into the wonderful world of Angels, Elementals, Knights and Magicians !


Are you an Angel? In the wonderful book by Doreen Virtue, called 'Realms of the Earth Angels'
she explains about Angels that come from a special group of beings who have incarnated at this time and will help humanity and the planet ascend.

From her vision highlights the different categories and groups.

Note: All quotations from the book by Doreen Virtue.

What is an Angel on Earth / Earth-Angel?


A special form of Lightworker

Doreen Nature describes angels as light workers who came to planet Earth to help her and her inhabitants to evolve.
There are a variety of types of Earth-like angels Incarnate Elementals or Magi, listed below.

But how do you know if you're an Earth-angel?

Below is a list of some features:

- A feeling of different, separate or away from others.
- Sensitivity to people chemicals or violence.
- A strong purposefully be.
- Problems in expressing abundance or relationships.
- To look younger than your chronological age.
- A ringing sound in one ear (this is high-level communication that is "incomprehensible").
- Strangers who tell you their problems.


Incarnated Angel

"If you look into the eyes of an incarnated angel, you see sweet, pure, unconditional love."
You would you be an Incarnate angel if you ...

- Have a sweet, have heart-shaped face.
- You often say "sorry".
- There is an angel "looks" (both genders)
- You have problems such as overeating or overweight.
- You are attracted to help the areas of nursing, teaching, social workers, or healing
- You are your hair bleached or highlighted.
- You have a lot of trust in people.
- You feel guilty if you say no to others.
- You seem to have a large aura.
- Falling in love is a person's capabilities and those trying to coach to greatness.
- Tends to co-dependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics.
- Much more remains would a normal person in a relationship.
- Keeps track of the rules and she does not like to transgress.


Incarnated Elemental

"When you look you see a mischievous and playful twinkle in the eyes of an elemental."
You Could Be A Incarnate Elemental ....

- I like practical jokes pulls.
- Addiction are sensitive.
- You may have reddish hair and a Celtic appearance (ruddy complexion).
- Loves partying.
- Are ardent and passionate.
- The group of plants and animals prefers that of humans.
- Hate to have rules or to people who obey them.
- Are a reluctant helper and healer.
- Easy abundance, or can express the complete opposite.
- I'd rather play than work.
- The long can stand indoors.
- I'd rather not wear clothes.
- The preference for outside work, such as lead nature walks, his ranger, gardening, dogs outlets.
- Please with gems, crystals and other stone work.
- Are very creative.
- Are good in dance, theater, comedy, poetry, publishing, motivational speaking and performing arts.
- I like laughs, plays and does crazy.
- Elementals are fond of music and dance

Magi ( Wise men )

"It makes no sense to dissemble or lie to the Magi, because the truth is obvious to them."
You Could Be A Magi If you ... 

- Can affect weather.
- Are very dogmatic in a helpful way.
- Are fascinated by the esoteric ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Atlantis or Maya.
- Are you interested in - or shamanism, astrology, wicca, alchemy, Kabbalah healing and other ancient systems of healing and information have studied.
- Are good at manifesting, intuition and healing.
- Aversion to have the times of the Inquisition and witch burning
- An affinity have the elemental world.
-'re Solemn and serious
- Are very sensitive to moon phases.

Star People

"Those who are helped by them, they hardly notice, but Star People providing services to be distinguished."
Would You be Star Man If you ... 

- Have the feeling you that no one notices your good deeds or acknowledge.
- Visions have of floating spacecraft above you.
- Are eager to assist others, but you appear to be reserved.
- Are Crazy about technology.
- The preference for a spirituality in intuitive sense over religious spirituality.
- Are fascinated by certain galaxies like the Pleiades, Andromeda and Sirius.
- Are sensitive to crowds, people and places.
- Loves symbols, codes, runes and sacred geometry.
- Are more task-oriented than relationship-oriented.
- You are allergic to - and abhors violence.
- It is necessary for you to live near water.



"When you are in the eyes of an angel Mystical look you see compassion."
You Could Be A Hybrid can be if you ...

- You might feel that you can find resonance in more than one of these kingdoms of Nature-Angels. In that case, it might be a combination of two or more. Below some more frequent combinations and their characteristics.

Mystical Angels: Combination of Wise Men and Angels. Loving, helpful and caring and 'street-wise' instead of trusting. They set rules on price because they love order and organization. They are healers and know everything, with a better understanding of giving and receiving.

Knights: Even half-Wise and half-angel, but the Method section is a knight .... those who fight for the good things and protect the weak. They are honest, orderly, and can keep a secret.

Mystical Stars: Mix Star People and Methods. Born teachers who bring universal knowledge to Earth. Their teachings are an inspired global goal of World Peace.

Leprechauns: Half-Wise and semi-Incarnate Elementals. They have wisdom that come to Earth from many past lives, a sober and practical living arrangement, a mischievous sense of humor and a strong sense of connection to nature.

More People: Half-Angel Incarnate and semi-Incarnate Elemental. These people often have long, curly red or red-tinted hair, have to live near the ocean and have a passion for birds, whales, dolphins and other marine life. They often thirsty and drink water continuously.

What You Do You Think You Are?





Zita translation for © 2011


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