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Spirit Stones

intuitive spiritual sculptures

Welcome to my website!

My name is Desirée Wiering and I am an intuitive artist. I work as an autodidact sculptor and pencil artist.

My work is commissioned for both the Spirit Stones Sculptures and the Color Creations. The Color Creations are realistic animal portraits with an intuitive touch.
And I also make my own work, which is sometimes offered for sale via the website.

Are you interested in an sculpture or drawing / painting that you have seen on my website or do you want a personal sculpture or pencil portrait?
Contact me!    email:

Then we make an appointment so that I can get to know you better and create a very personal Guardian or Light angel
or an intuitive realistic portrait for you!


With love,   Desirée


© Desirée Wiering 2018. The images on this website cannot be used without permission.
Privacy statement: ENGLISH | DUTCH

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