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Would you like a personal sculpture?

How does it work ?

Spirit Stones Sculptures is situated in the studio / workshop in Muiderberg, The Netherlands.

I make sculptures with the intention to bring light to those who feel attracted to the sculpture.
Some sculptures on my site are waiting for their rightful destination and if you see a sculpture that you are attracted to,

please email me! 

And I also make sculptures on request, a personal Spirit Stone Sculpture!

If you would like a personal sculpture then I need to get to know you a little bit better, based on a number of personal questions.
The sculpture and the crystal will support you on your special journey on this beautiful earth.
And that journey is, of course, for everyone different.

I create the sculpture from my heart and in connection with Source energy and I can feel your energy. I receive a message for you, which I can pass on, through the sculpture.

It is very unique and personal, it's a message from your Higher Self, through the sculpture, for you! So truly one of a kind and very special!


These messages so far have all had to do with your soul mission. Why are you here on this beautiful planet?

And that can sometimes be quite difficult as it requires inner action. That means coming out of your comfort zone and do inner work ( heart-work)

with and through the message of the sculpture.

So it will be a very personal sculpture, one of a kind, just for you! 

Some questions include:
What would you do if money was not needed? What makes you happy in the depths of your soul and why?

What makes your eyes shine and make you very happy?
Do you have affinity with a specific part of the earth, of certain planets, with historical events, maybe even history not recorded in the average books? Affinity for an era? Which colors are your attracted to? What topic can you talk passionately about? What is your deepest wish?

And of course I would like to know about your background, the family you grew up in, etc ..


After a personal questionnaire I'm looking for a crystal that will inspire you.

After that, another search is to find a beautiful piece of soapstone in a matching color.

From that moment on, i will work on the sculpture but i can't give you a finishing date. And that's because i can't dictate the energy.

It flow's through me and I create what needs to be created, what the Universe wants you to see and hear. 

It's very personal and there is no other sculpture like your's in this world!


I have noticed that the energies of the sun and moon are also needed in the completion. And sometimes I even have to stop sculpting because you or i am getting an energy download and after everything settles down, i am allowed to continue the sculpting.


If the sculpture is ready, you can choose to pick it up in the workshop in Muiderberg
or i will bring it safe and firmly packed to you somewhere in the Netherlands.

There will be extra some travel costs a 0,30c /km. I do not use the Postal Service because of the high risk of breaking.

The prices vary because of the used stone and crystals and the time spend sculpting.

Special sculptures on request are also possible. Maybe you want a special sculpture of an Angel? Or a mythical figure?

Maybe an animal? Or a memorial sculpture?

I can draw you a drawing of your request of how i can create it in stone.

If your interested, don't hesitate and please sent me a message for more information!

I like to hear from you!


With Love,

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