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Description of the used crystals

A number of sculptures have been combined with crystals. Crystals are also called gems and have gems or minerals beneficial, healing and protective powers. The highly vibrating crystals reinforce the energy of the angel and a crystal-specific actions and talents.
Everyone and everything on earth and throughout the universe has a frequency. A vibration of the atoms. The purer, the higher the vibration. And so the more connected with the Angels and Higher Heavens.


The text and pictures without a sculpture are from the website

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds have an enormous luminosity and are powerful healers. They are manifestations of spiritual light that has taken shape.
The dark inclusions help to ground this light.

Herkimers associated with the bright white light of the Divine Essence and convey a very clear crystal light that purifies your energy. If you wear a Herkimer Diamond, you can experience a constant, almost imperceptible connection with the higher spiritual worlds. You will easily come into contact with the Angels Worlds.

This stone energizes and stimulates creativity. Very powerful crystal to connect with. It stimulates clairvoyance, telepathy and spiritual vision and raises guidance from higher dimensions. They are very helpful in remembering and interpreting dreams, because they help you stay conscious in the dream while you're physically. They are also very helpful in astral travel, travel between dimensions and interdimensional work.

Herkimer Diamond frees and transforms and brings the purpose of your soul upward. Because of their shape, they are ideal to emit both energy and to receive. They detoxify and protect strongly against electrosmog, radioactivity, radiation and infectious diseases.

They clear your aura and make your energy clean.

Herkimer Diamonds give you increase a feeling of bliss and your vibrations and help you on your path to ascension, while still remaining in your physical body and remains connected to the earth. This is the process of spirit ascention and which many are now incarnated for. They are also used to bring vortexes to stand for from Mother Earth healing or to clean a room. You can also put under a treatment table a crystal to purify the released energies. They are good for the eyes and can support your overall physical endurance and energy levels.


Apofyllite has a high vibration, is connected with the Angels and is the bearer of the Akashic records.

In a room the stone strengthens the energies. Apofyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

While traveling outside the body keeps apofylliet a strong connection with the physical body in position so that information is easily remembered. This spiritual stone allows for clear vision, stimulates intuition and allows access to the future possible. The stone helps imbalance. It is a stone of truth and ensure recognition of one's true self.
Apofylliet is calming and is effective for stress and raises negative thinking patterns, he also releases repressed emotions, overcome fear and anxiety. Helps you accept uncertainties. Spiritually this stone a calming and grounding effect on the mind. Helps you travel past lives.
Apofylliet is the tool for Reiki or energy treatments. The client can get more deeply relaxed and receptive.

Selenite or Angel stone

Selenite (Angels Stone) has a very fine vibration, opening the third eye, crown chakra and soul star chakra above your head and gives you access to angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Few stones give the higher chakras as intense energy as selenite.

Selenite can open your awareness to meet your Guides and Guardian Angels and receive information from them. This transfer of information is usually without words.

If you have a grid of about 6 or more stones to someone laying around you can get an experience of spiritual ascension.

Selenite combines synergistically with virtually all combinations of bricks and stones. Selenite contains calcium and sulfur and these factors stimulate the emotional body and help you to overcome blockages and not to stay in a safe area, but to continue to go forward in your life. This stone you never have to clean water it is too dull. Selenite unloads and loads other crystals by placing it on the stone.

Here Gladiator angel with a sword of selenite.
To his right a Apofylliet and left a Rookcitrien cluster. It is a combination of smoky quartz and citrine and so very grounding and cleansing. Gives abundance and much joy and transforms negative energy.

Peach Selenite is a stone of emotional transformation, powerful healer. He helps heal old traumas from past lives, and provides insight into internal processes. He opens the priestess in every woman and is ideal for lunar rituals during puberty or during childbirth. He lets you shade and accept hidden self. As a stone of emotional transformation and a powerful karmic cleanser and healer. Peach-selenite helps release old traumas. He heals abandonment, deception, forgiveness and acceptance. Helps you make an evolutionary leap. Good at all over complaints puberty, epilepsie, mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings, free radicals, breastfeeding, health energetically.

Pink Fire Azeztuliet/ Agnitiet


Pink Fire Azeztuliet provides access to the fire of Divine Love, to Divine Love, this is a fire that is in the center of our hearts. If you meditate with the stone you feel the intense energy, sometimes experienced by the feeling of heat around your heart. You can experience it by seeing a pink light. If you lay the stone on your heart it will help you to awaken the light in you so you will love this experience more. The area of the heart will grow and increase in strength, you can literally sweat of heat by this contact. Because of this stone can be "high heart" which is also called "Inner Heart" is called awakening.

Surely your body is 'Higher Heart' is a few centimeters above your "normal" heart chakra. This point is the seat of your Divine Self of which Inner Wisdom and Truth resides. If this point is activated it Pink Fire (Pink Fire) always radiate here and everything around him bless, heal and awaken.
Pink Fire Azeztuliet/Agnitiet is like a stone of passion, courage and love. The expression of unconditional love of this stone is not limited to your partner, but for the world around you. It opens our potential, the deep "knowing" from within that love is our foundation, our life force and the driving energy of our Universe. Pink Fire Azeztuliet radiates through our whole body and makes love a cellular experience. Pink Fire Azeztuliet cells can learn that love is the key to curing diseases. This makes it a truly New Age crystal that makes us aware to look differently at everything.

Visualize the "Pink Fire" and it fills every cell of your body with the energy of Loving Light and thereby your mind and body can heal itself. It helps you also heal emotionally because your entire energy field fills with love. If you experience the love of this stone and old ways of thinking like snow in the sun disappear lets you experience incredible moments of joy.
The name Agni means fire in Sanskrit. Agni worshiped the Vedic god of fire was about 5000 years ago in India. He was considered as a source of spiritual light, life and immortality. Agnitiet stimulates the liquid crystal matrix of our body and helps the body to resonate in total unit. This increases qualities such as intuition, healing, power and makes you more aware of your purpose on earth and expand your consciousness. This stone also makes you more sensitive to the energy of crystals, including those still in the ground. For those who work with the "Planetary Crystal Grid of Light" should use this crystal, because it harmonizes our higher light body and awakens. He helps the spiritual light to ground your body. Haematite in the stone has an extremely positive effect on the blood and prevents negative energies from entering the subtle bodies. He helps the spiritual light to ground your body, it also helps to activate the divine blueprint of "wholeness" in the physical body. This crystal helps the soul to return again in the body after retirement or spiritual journeys. This stone gives a lot of energy and revitalizes, rejuvenates and makes you happy. The stone is very good if you feel lost or hopeless, he restores hope and confidence in the future and make the mind stronger. Good for women who are very shy and difficult to express themselves through this stone, they learn to stand their 'male'. Keep the stone in the pocket or wear it on a chain. The stone is also beneficial to a relationship that has become a routine. The stone attracts nice, loving lovers to.


Avalonite / Drusy Blue Chalcedoon



Provides access to the collective unconscious and mythical domains. You make contact with elves, fairies and devas and thus with ancient magic, like Avalon in the time of King Arthur and Merlin. This crystal opens the psychic awareness, promotes telepathy between soulmates.

You come into contact with your incarnations (wise woman, priestess) Avaloniet helps with anxiety and offers peace and neutralizes negative thought patterns. Blue chalcedony is a stone with great healing properties and its soft energy is cooling and calming, bringing peace of mind. It is particularly effective in activating and healing the throat chakra and allows the expression of feelings to flow.

This mystic stone allows you to get to your higher self, so you always will find more bits of yourself, but others will understand. Very good for people who feel misunderstood. This is a stone that supports and nourishes and helps anger, infections and inflammation neutralize.

He helps you with repressed feelings that arise from the fear of being rejected as well from childhood and during adulthood. This stone dissolves old patterns of repression and encourages a new way to express. Everything in the throat, laryngitis, angina, colds, talking, swallowing, emotion, grief, this stone can offer help. Also good for bone, strengthens teeth, but also for rheumatic-like pains. Also good for problems with the shoulders and neck, a malfunctioning thyroid gland and the lymphatic system.

Works fever-lowering and removing blockages in the nervous system. When healing with sound helps to focus this stone and directs sound to the right place. He helps you to be in the now.

Yellow gold Calcite Globe

Yellow gold Calcite is connected with the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness and the Light of the Great Central Sun. It works with the highest frequency of the heart and the higher heart energy.

Golden Calcite, associated with Angels, is very loving. It gives serenity and wisdom and profound effect. It also works particularly transformative around the solar plexus. There it warms and softens old pain pieces and helps heal them. Also, Golden Calcite connected to the Solar Power which you regain your own luminosity. In meditation, it brings you into a pure state of consciousness. Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. In a room off negative energies from the environment and increases your energy level. This spiritual stone is connected to your higher consciousness and accelerate your development and growth. Psychologically connects emotions with the intellect, gives hope and motivation and combats laziness and helps to be more energetic. It also calms the mind and strengthens your memory. Also relieves emotional stress and enhances the stone your confidence.

Golden Calcite is a good chakra cleanser that brings them back into balance and provides energy. Calcite is good for the skeleton, the bones and joints and relieves intestinal and skin diseases and promotes blood clotting and help with tissue recovery. Strengthens the immune system.

Himalaya Gold Azeztuliet

Gold Azeztuliet is a rare light-supporting Crystal, one of the finest in the kingdom of minerals.
Himalaya Gold Azeztuliet with very pure vibration is attuned to the highest vibrations and brings it to the ground to promote the spiritual evolution. This crystal is like the yellow Danburite connected to the Golden Jet, these crystals together are very powerful. This beam is connected to the Christ consciousness and helps to wake up from our light bodies. Azeztuliet dissolves old patterns of degeneration, disease and fears into our cells. Gold Azeztuliet resonates very strongly with the solar plexus, which is the seat of power and manifestation of every human being. All our limitations and old patterns of the past are transformed by this crystal. Gold Azeztuliet increases our intention strength, our consciousness to synchrony, mental clarity and our sensitivity to spiritual counselors. This Crystal teaches us to see the perfection of each moment, it helps to control our desires and expectations working out. It encourages confidence in the perfection of All That Is to the true fulfillment is caused by the release of control. The appearance of Himalaya Gold Azeztuliet on earth coincides with new capabilities for our people, such as creative manifersteren by the power of thought. The connection between our 3rd eye and the solar plexus this plays an important role. The power of creation, we have been one of co-creation. Our partner is the Soul of the World. All Azeztuliet crystals also bring the nameless light of the Great Central Sun, the spiritual heart of the Universe to Earth, to let everything come to full consciousness.

Angels Wing Calcite Pink

Angels Wing Calcite is a new found very rare form of pink calcite crystal form, found in the heart of Mongolia. It is one of the most powerful "soft" energy stones of the Calcite family.

The shape is like an Angels Wing and this beautiful crystal which has been discovered recently radiates the energy of pure Love. The shape is a wonderful expression of the solidarity of the Crystal Worlds with the Angels. Angels Wing Calcite from Mongolia gives a lot of comfort to the human angels among us who lack the love of their home world and those so eager to radiate on earth. This unique crystal is connected to the pink galactic radius and thus brings the loving, feminine softness of the light masters such as Isis, Mary and Quan Yin to you. It connects you with the Mother Energy and this also heal old karmic pain pieces that are connected to it. The crystal heals old wounds of the inner child. The strength of this crystal is miraculous, it works through the heart, increased heart chakra and the "inner heart". Angel wing calcite helps you to live in synchrony and ensures that visions or dreams that seem to come from impossible. By being alone with this stone is your auric field filled with fun and love in the strongest shape and ensures complete unity with Love and All That Is.


Petalite is a stone angel with a high, pure vibration which contributes to spiritual purification and helps to open cosmic consciousness.
Petalite is a stone of inner images, like Phenacite they can open your inner eye and strengthen your intuitive powers. The beautiful pink color that varies from very light to dark pink because of the element lithium, which provides calming and balance traumatized emotions and energies. She brings you to a place of deep peace and joy and is also very suitable for those whose thinking all sides shooting at. Petalite you can to carry a dimension of peace and healing, a space in which the concerns and worries of this world do not exist, so you can bathe in the calm bliss of mind that nothing is plagued with. This protective stone promotes meditation and alignment and takes you to a calm and clear dimension where causes are to identify and change, gives petalite energy and activates the processes. Very good at healing the ancestral timeline. It is also a shamanic stone that provides a safe environment for spiritual contact or a vision trip. Surprisingly at petalite is that despite the very high vibration, it also has a thriving aspect that helps you stay connected with the earthly life, while the inner dimensions to explore the open, so it is also a stone of manifestation. Petalite calms the aura, opens the higher chakras and connects you with the highest levels of spiritual knowledge. He helps with the liberation of negative karma and miasms and helps to remove entities from the aura. This stone supports and energizes in disease. Body-worn petalite gives constant energy and activates all the energy centers of the body at any level. In the space exudes a loving, protective energy. If healers stones on the right places chakra points on the body of the client, which will also be aided or to open its channel for the healing energies. Petalite harmonizes the endocrine system, is supportive in the treatment of cancer and has a beneficial effect for cells, eyes, lungs, muscle cramps, and intestines.

Veracruz Amethyst

This is an amethyst with a very high vibration which is tuned to the violet flame of transformation. This stone cleanses, especially on a spiritual level. It is a protective stone that enables secure out of body experiences and spiritual journeys. Reportedly Veracruz Amethyst takes you right into a beta rhythm which promotes meditation, trance and spiritual journeys. It stimulates the prophetic powers, helps to open psychic abilities.
A powerful tool for shamanism high level. The soul star chakra he has access to the vibrational levels where souls meet and merge. It activates and cleanses all chakras, especially the upper. He is helpful in understanding addictions and helps break through this and helps to love unconditionally and the other soul to make his own journey. Actually, the Lemurian laser gently under the Amethyst. Lasers are particular crystals that taper, and were used as instruments in the healing temples of Lemuria and Atlantis. They carry not only the knowledge of these civilizations, but also the stellar spaces where they originally come from. By connecting you with their knowledge, you will be taught in the advanced healing art of the Lemurians and Atlanteans. Because of their shape may energy at great speed to travel through the body of the crystal and at the point it is projected as a laser. Very good to use for etheric surgery and removing entities and implants. Do you feel to work, the crystal will help you how to use. These crystals emit very high light frequencies. In ancient Egypt they were used for sound and color healing. They are connected to the Hators, connected again with the gentle and loving energies and forces of Venus and by their purple color, the Veracruz Amethyst associated with the Violet Flame of transformation associated with Master Saint Germain. The ridges on the sides contain information and codes. If you hold your finger on it goes, the information come to you. This Amethyst laser little help on our path to ascension. They help you to transform all that is not balanced because they work with the ethereal and sophisticated DNA blueprint for deep inter-dimensional cellular healing.

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