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Desirée Blaas-Wiering (1972) Enjoy's life on this beautiful planet, and her goal is to bring Light.

Besides making intuitive spiritual sculptures, I really enjoy the animals around me. The horses at the stables where I am working, can always count on an extra dose of love and of course good care.
With my husband and our dogs, we love to explore the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands, but most of all, the countries of the Alps.
"The mountains have something magical, especially the Eiger in Grindelwald, Switzerland.
The peace and tranquility but above all I love the "cominghome-feeling" I get when I am there again!



After a long career as a veterinary assistant in a small animal clinic and stablemanager at the horsetrading stable of my brother in law,

I continued my way to a Classical Homeopathy for Animals study (Amersfoort 2001) and after specialization Disease Rating (VHCN) I followed a process of private practice in the veterinary homeopathy.

Because of the often enormous complexity of disease, healing but also stagnation processes in the patient, I have made the decision after a couple of years of my own homeopathic veterinary practice, to look for a simpler and much gentler way of healing.

To which the, always present in enormous quantities, Energy of the Universe emerged.

The trading stable operations moved to the associated Equestrian centre 
(HC Muiderberg) where more animals were to experience intuitive and telepathic contact and communicate the Universal Energy.

And at this time I developed an increasing fascination with Angels, Crystals and Sacred symbols and geometry.
In which the idea of ​​a Flower of Life engraving was born in a piece of Rose Quartz. But as Rose Quartz has high hardness of stone, I had to put that idea on hold.

My mother, Roswitha Wiering-Heuff, an artist at heart, had already been busy at a sculpture-club working with soapstone sculptures for several years.
And that's how I got in touch with soapstone.

Making the intuitive spiritual sculptures is a very recent development and autodidact. I have had no lessons but became suddenly aware of this beautiful talent.
Finally early 2016 my idea of engraving ​​a Flower of Life in stone, was created in a beautiful piece of pink soap stone which already had a very clear shape of a heart in the rough stone. You can see the Heart on the page Sculptures, Sacred Symbols, Flower of Life Heart.

My desire to help others heal and become whole, is thus converted from classical homeopathy to creating Intuitive Spiritual Sculptures containing the Universal Love energy. Source Energy !

The Stone Sculptures are working together with high vibrating crystals, helping everyone to be able to live in the moment and live like Angels on Earth! <3





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